The “I’m-Sorry-I-Left-You” Update…

Carolina’s Photo Shoot…
March 15, 2012
Interview with a Living Gem; An Insight on the World of Rock with Geologist, Carla Kuhn
May 11, 2012

The “I’m-Sorry-I-Left-You” Update…

The spikey guys says, “Hi!”

I’m back…
You know, you have to understand that as the sole writer on this site and someone who loves frolicking outdoors, it’s a great challenge to keep me in. I would still like to share the end of my motorcycle ride as well but this is what happens when I have a full plate.

I had a wonderful trip out to Moab – didn’t climb on rope but enjoyed bouldering, hiking and just the beauty of such a magnificent place. Photos for your viewing below.

And just an update, I have a few stories currently waiting on “small touches” here and there for publishing; these include a Romanian climber and mountaineer (she’s fantastic!), a geologist’s POV (fascinating…) and a model snowboarder (beautiful). I plan to have some new content on here for those who have loyally kept their interest. Thank you! I appreciate it greatly. I believe in this site and believe in readers that want the inspiration from words and images. This site is for YOU.


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