My first climbing shoot in Turkey

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September 25, 2010
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October 6, 2010

My first climbing shoot in Turkey

It was too easy to discover the perfect models within these women I know from climbing in Turkey. I had two days of climbing in Geyikbayiri (after so long without it! With the exception of one day in Dali) and was so sore that I needed a rest day and playing photographer to these strong women’s antics on the rock was a perfect way for me to spend it.

Nazo, hailing from Cyprus, was actually one of my first interviews on this site – you can read here:

After applying careful observance and thought to the collection I shot, I came to the conclusion that there were a few photos I was really pleased with, however, I am very critical and noted little techniques I should have used more wisely; being more conscious of my subject’s interaction with their environment, the lighting, the challenge of conveying the height of the climber’s position in a monotone, one dimensional-setting, the timing…..the list goes on and all this takes lots time to learn. I look forward to my next shoot…..

Thank you to Leyla, Çigdem, Çeren, Nazo, Tobias, Manuella for giving me their time and their beauty. It was a true pleasure and even more inspiring to watch…

Nazo dancing on the rock…

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