Since 2009, I had envisioned a website to promote positive and unique images, interviews and narratives of women involved in climbing.  It began with my original site:  www.RockRipRollGirl.com, which no one could remember how to pronounce.  And now, it has been reinvented here, at Crux To Crest, and narrowed down to simply climbing instead of various adventure sports.  Another change on this site that will focus on “all things climbing” is that it will not be gender-specific.  I am still biased to showcase more of the amazing, underrepresented females involved in climbing though. 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to come by…..!

If you have interest in contributing writing, photography or sending cookies….I can be reached at: cmcauble[at]yahoo<dot>com. We would love contributors!


For those just beginning to rock climb or mountaineer – the articles and photos included on this website showcase women who have experience and training in the activity they are participating in.  Please use care and caution; in other words, learn about the sport as much as possible before just jumping into it.  We want you to have fun….but keep yourself uninjured. : )